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My Story

This is Teresa, creator & owner of
*Little Citrus Tree Soaps*

WELCOME everyone… and thank you for joining me.  I am originally from Los Angeles where I worked on custom homes for many Hollywood celebrities and interior designers for many years. Also traveling to Europe and living in Paris, France and Marrakech, Morocco where I studied art & interior design.

We have been doing "Farmers markets", "Fresh52", "LVCraft Shows"

Learning and living new cultures

Learning and living new cultures, discovering herbs & spices, food, fashion & architecture. I lived on the most beautiful farm in Marrakech where I grew my own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Discovering the art and crafts in Morocco has changed my life, in so many beautiful ways.  During my time living there, I mastered the art of soap making, while using the herbs and citrus grown on the farm.

My Experience

All my experiences have given me a lot of knowledge.  Morocco is a second home for me now and I import many herbs, spices, oils, and dried flowers from this magical place, that is very dear to my heart. Morocco is one of the most interesting places to discover, in the world.  After living many years aboard, I returned back to the U.S.A. ending up in Henderson, Nevada, to master the art of jiu jitsu at Drysdale jiu jitsu. Then the pandemic hit the world and this kept me home for many months. During this time, I put together a complete business plan to start my long dreamed soap company *Little Citrus Tree Soaps* Creating hand made soaps has been a long time passion.


My mission is to educate more people on the individual scents of the very special essential oils and all the fragrances I love and adore. Everything you put on your skin, absorbs into your blood stream. I enjoy helping everyone understand the benefits of quality products on their skin and helping people truly enjoy handmade soap products by making them absolutely irresistible. My goal is to get people to understand there is so much out there that you don’t want to miss. My products have given me so much joy in my life and its interesting to discover all the scents and their benefits. Every product on my website is natural & chemical free and has been approved and designed by myself, truly made with love and pride. Please enjoy them as much as I do.

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