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Heart Bath Salts – Orange & Patchouli


You will receive one orange & patchouli heart bath salt.

Weight : 8.5 ounce of bath salts

Size :  One Large Glass Heart Jar

How to use :  Draw a warm bath, add a few tablespoons of bath salts directly into the bath or pour it into a sachet and drop into the bath, smell the Orange & Patchouli essential oils, enjoy the experience.

Ingredients : Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan salt, Dried orange slices, Calendula, Olive oil, Arrowroot powder, Orange & Patchouli essential oil 100% therapeutic grade

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Important information …..

Epsom Salts – Epsom salt bath water can soften rough dry skin, and exfoliate dead skin cells.  It may also soothe skin affected by skin conditions,  including eczema and psoriasis.  In water, espom salts break down into magnesium and sulfate.  When you soak in epsom salts, it soaks into your skin and relaxes the muscles and loosens stiff joints.

The benefits of essential oil bath salts –

  • Bath salts are moisturizing for the skin.  Once a week soak in a warm salt solution for 20 minutes offers great benefits in terms of improving the skin barrier function, hydrating the skin, and decreasing inflammation….
  • Decreases stress….
  • Helps insomnia ….
  • Offers vital healing properties ….
  • Soothes pain …
  • Detoxing…
  • Healthy magnesium levels can boost brain neurotransmitters that are responsible for inducing sleep and reducing stress.  Magnesium may also promote melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone.  People feeling stressed and overwhelmed may benefit from taking an Epsom salt bath.

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