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Exfoliating Coffee & Honey Bar Soap


Coffee & Honey bar soap is exfoliating with real coffee grounds inside each bar and has a *milk-oat-honey fragrance*

Weight :  One 5.5 ounce bar soap    All items are handmade and could vary slightly in weight

How to use : In the bathtub or shower, run warm water over your body. In small circular motions, with medium pressure, lather up and gently massage your body. The coffee acts as an exfoliate on your skin and gets the circulation going. Let the lather build up, smell the lovely scent, enjoy….. and rinse clean.  Keep your soaps in a dry, ventilated area, when not in use.

Ingredients :  African unrefined shea butter, Organic coconut oil, Distilled water, Avocado Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Kaolin Clay, Ground Coffee, Natural fragrance oil

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1 Review Write a review
  1. Teresa Prater

    a very popular soap bar, my friends all love it for exfoliating the body all over, to make soft skin. They swear by it and it comes in soooo many different aromas

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