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Green garden lantern with hemp rope


You will receive one hemp rope lantern with a green garden design & one tea light candle, per purchase.

This is art and each piece is individual and original, so no two pieces are the same.  If you have any requests, be sure to contact me or write me a note during your purchase, at the check out.  Thank you so much for loving the art by Little Citrus Tree Soaps!

This glass lantern has green garden dried pressed flower art on it, designed for you to enjoy with a tea light candle inside.  You can also use a battery charged tea light as well, or fairy lights with battery charge.

Size :   1 – 6″ x 4-1/2″ Hemp rope glass lantern with green garden pressed flower design.

How to use :  Place lantern on table, place one tea light inside.  Light the tea light with a long lighter or you can light the tea light before you put it inside the lantern, with prongs lower the tea light inside.

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