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Lavender Shower Steamers


Shower steamers are made ONLY for aroma therapy and NOT made for the bathtub.

Lavender shower steamer with menthol & essential oils to create a luxurious aromatherapy experience that awakens the senses, reinvigorates the mind and revitalizes the body.  When infused with steam, this powerful combination can aromatically enliven the senses and promote a feeling of relaxation.

How to use –

  • Allow shower to get nice and steamy.
  • Unwrap one tablet and place on shower ledge or back corner of shower, out of the direct stream of water on floor or in a small bowl.
  • Splash water on the tablet to activate and continue to wet the tablet from time to time to slowly activate and dissolve the tablet.
  • Breathe deep and enjoy the aroma
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5 tablets enclosed
1.5 oz each tablet net weight.

Caution :   NEVER use the shower steamer in the bathtub, this is NOT a bath bomb.  It has menthol in it and only made for aromatherapy and not made for skin use.  Place shower steamer on side of shower floor or on ledge in shower, put not in direct steam of water.  Use caution in a smaller shower.  Not for children under age 5. Parental supervision required.  Keep the tablet away from eyes. If accidentally swallowed, seek medical attention.  If nursing or pregnant, consult a physician first.

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